Over 30 years in Southeast Texas

One of America's longest running Haunted Attractons

We are back for another thrilling year and have new additions to make the experience push you over the edge.

Two attractions in one. Come see what lies within 5000 square feet of insanity. We invite you to step inside the walls of the Rosehill Asylum where nothing is exactly as it seems. Our staff and patients are more than ready to show you around and experience the place they call home. Just when you think it's over you enter 6000 square feet of the Haunted Hotel and the fun really begins. Bring your big boy pants, you're gonna need them!

We are proud to be a family tradition for Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana, generation after generation we continue to bring a safe, but terrifying Halloween experience to our guests. Striving to keep you on your toes we have added some new features that will leave you with chills and question your senses. Welcome to the Haunted Hotel...once you check in, you may never check out!

the most terrifying thing I've ever done, I'm going home and sleeping with the lights on!